A little about us.

Colby and Courtney started their family in 2014. Both work full time jobs outside of the decorative apparel industry, and never imagined the business would be where it is today! In late 2016, early 2017, Colby's life long auto immune disease took a turn for the worst  and landed him in a hospital awaiting a very intensive surgery. The family had been trying for an addition to the crew, only to have fertility complications. Due to these complications Courtney had multiple surgeries, consequently preventing her to conceive naturally. While Colby was admitted to the hospital, Doctors spoke of a new medication that would prevent the ability to produce children. Both spoke of options, and determined to bring a child into the world, chose in vitro fertilisation before any damage was done. As anyone can imagine the cost involved, they needed to supplement income to assist in the process. Waggin' Tags and T's was created to do just this. The business grew quickly, and there was an obvious interest in the decorative apparel. In November 2017 that interest was so great, the business was restructured, and is now Thread and Ink LLC. Colby and Courtney continue to use proceeds from this business to support their little boy Ty, and all the costs involved. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the support, as it goes far beyond just our "pockets".